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Aye Thwin

Role: Utilisateur régulier
Position: Freelance Consultant (Recent UNICEF/WFP/NGOs)
Date joined: 18/06/2022
Email address:

Recent work with UNICEF (Myanmar): evidence collection and analysis for support of data-driven policy decisions and action-plans for development sector - multi-sectoral nutrition.

The intensive causal analysis helped to build “Sub-national level Risk Profiles”, and to identify “Prioritized Interventions” by risk level. It also provided a significant add-on, “Convergence” of the essential Interventions from relevant multiple sectors for each particular geography. This was finalized/polished by stakeholders' experiences, observations and perceptions being explored as a group by participatory approach.

I have total 20+ years experience in nutrition including 8+ years international and 6+ years in humanitarian response.


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