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Role: Utilisateur régulier
Position: Nutritionist
Date joined: 07/07/2016
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I am 42 years old and have been working with Ministry of Health at the Provincial Health Office as Acting Principal Nutritionist since July 2014. I have worked for the Ministry at different levels; community, health cantre, district and now province. Before I joined government in January 2009, I worked with World Vision as Development Facilitator and Nutrition Supervisor at Area Development Programme (ADP) level and district level respectively.
In all my working years, I have embraced team work and have been self-motivated to achieve results. I worked with communities and various stakeholders at different levels.
I have been involved in programme planning, implementation, monitoring and evalution as part of my core business. Capacity building for those under my supervision as well as colleagues, mentorship and provision of technical support in nutrition related aspects of work. I am a trainer in a number of nutrition core areas like Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM), Growth Monitoring and Promotion (GMP), Nutrition and HIV and Maternal Adolescent Infant and Young Child Nutrition among others.


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