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Health and Nutrition Developments Society

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Date joined: 13/11/2015
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Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS) is non-governmental organization nonprofit non political, and religious (NGO) focused on Health livelihood improvement and sustainable development. The organization was established (8) professional doctors through consultation of the community in 2011 to response increased human suffering in the Horn of Africa regions special SCZ due to a combination of challenges ranging from civil strife. (HANDS) Organization also registered in Bay and Bakool regions (HANDS) wants to be partner with most leading humanitarian and development agencies. The organization has field offices in Mogadishu (Banadir) Bakool and Bay region in where agro pastoral communities reside. The organization aims to address challenges faced in these regions, including: drought, scarcity of water, gender inequality, human rights abuses, and lack of health and education infrastructure


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