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Celeste Naude

Role: Utilisateur régulier
Position: Co-Director: Cochrane Nutrition
Date joined: 24/04/2018
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Dr Celeste Naude is a senior researcher at the Centre for Evidence-based Health Care (CEBHC), Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Stellenbosch University, South Africa; and Co-Director: Cochrane Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian (SA and UK), and her academic interests and experience includes health and nutrition evidence synthesis, knowledge translation and evidence-informed decision-making in policy and practice for nutrition, health and other sustainable development outcomes.


TopicForum areaDate posted
Collections Spéciales Cochrane de revues systématiques MAS & MAMPrise en charge de la malnutrition aiguë/émaciation24 avril 2018
Publication de Collections spéciales par Cochrane Nutrition sur la malnutrition sévère Prise en charge de la malnutrition aiguë/émaciation8 août 2018
Piublication de collections spéciales par Cochrane Nutrition sur la malnutrition sévèreAnnonces et Besoin de Nutritionnistes8 août 2018


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