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Personalized support for nutritional surveys is currently available with the RRT Tech!

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Andi Kendle

Program Director, Tech RRT

Utilisateur régulier

30 août 2018, 09:03

Tech RRT provides personalized support to individual organizations for surveys and nutritional assessments

Does your organization need help with conducting nutrition surveys or increasing the capacity of your staff to undertake them? Do you need help to do it?

Do not hesitate to contact the RRT Tech - we provide technical support to individual organizations as well as Nutrition Clusters and Sector Groups. National or international organizations as well as ministries of health can solicit our support. 
Financial support opportunities for this technical assistance are available if needed, thanks to USAID / OFDA!

Examples of activities that can be supported by the RRT Tech Inquiry / Nutritional Consultant are: 
* Lead, plan and conduct surveys or nutritional assessments, or support organizations to do so. This may include support for SMART surveys, IYCF assessments, anemia assessments, barrier analysis and initial rapid assessments (MIRA) including: 
• Identification of the type of survey to be undertaken as needed. 
• The design and preparation of the survey, including: initial planning, selection of tools and methods, drafting of guidelines, sampling, scheduling of the survey, budget design, and logistics planning, including determining the special tools and equipment needed. 
• Collection of basic information and demographic information prior to the survey. 
• Supervision of the survey, including supervision of data collection and data entry. 
• Drafting the investigation report and supporting the finalization of the report 
• Facilitating discussions around survey recommendations 
* Evaluate the capacity building needs of staff members for surveys and nutritional assessments 
* Facilitate training, training of trainers or orientation sessions to improve identified weaknesses in surveys and nutritional assessments 
* Develop proposals and budgets for fundraising for surveys and nutritional assessments 
* Support monitoring of nutrition survey and monitoring systems 
* Provide interpretation and triangulation of survey or evaluation data to inform needs analysis and monitoring of humanitarian response 

If you work for an organization that needs support for surveys or nutritional assessments, do not hesitate to seek the support of a Tech RRT advisor !

Want to know more about our work? Check out our past deployments and follow us on Twitter !

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